Wedding MCs

The perfect host for your perfect day

A professional Wedding Masters of Ceremonies will make your special day even better.

Our experienced MCs interact with your guests and make everyone at the reception feel like superstars. They keep the wedding reception running smoothly and to time, with seamless segues between one entertainment segment and the next. Any unexpected disruptions will be dealt with tactfully and gracefully. Your wedding reception will be a joyful celebration to remember.

Make your wedding day extra-special. Search our Wedding MCs for hire by clicking below.

Corporate MCs

Add flair and sophistication to your next corporate event

Hire a professional Corporate Masters of Ceremonies to guarantee the success of your event. Browse through our experienced MCs and make direct contact.

Whether it's an awards night, product launch, a 3 day conference or a charity fund-raiser gala ball, our talented Corporate MCs will set the right lighthearted, professional tone.

They'll expertly introduce speakers and seamlessly transition from one to the next, and smooth over any unforeseen complications with experienced ease.

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The MC Directory has Master of Ceremonies at your service

Find Your Perfect Emcee For Your Special Event

Looking for the perfect wedding or corporate MC? You're in the right place. The MC Directory makes it easy to search by event type, location and language. Browse professional MC profiles and make direct contact.

The Advantages Of Hiring From The MC Directory

  • Benefit from their event planning experience
    Our MCs are an experienced bunch – it’s one of the requirements before they can join the MC Directory. They will chat with you before the event to research your needs and requirements, discuss your ideas and offer their expert opinions. They’ll help your vision become a stunning reality.
  • Entertain everyone
    Your MC will ensure that everyone has a fantastic time by adapting their delivery style to suit the audience and atmosphere of your unique event. Intelligent speaking, tasteful jokes and witty observations will keep everyone in a great mood.
  • Keep your event running to time
    Your MC will use a runsheet to ensure that each entertainment or speaking segment of your event starts and finishes on time.
  • Your guests won’t even notice if something goes wrong
    Things don’t always go to plan at live events. A speaker is late, the meals haven’t arrived yet … the guests won’t even notice with one of our experienced MCs smoothing things over with grace and tact.
  • Save Money with no agency fees to pay
    Make direct contact with all of our MCs. We don’t take a penny.
  • Free up your own time
    Relax, and join in the event. Leave the stress to your MC.


When will I hear back from an MC?
How do I book an MC for my event?
What duties does the MC role cover?
Why shouldn't we ask our friend or colleague to MC our event?
What time does the MC arrive?


Found a Master of Ceremonies you reckon is perfect for your event? Excellent! At the bottom of their profile, fill in the date, month and year of your event and click ‘Check Availability’.

If the MC already has a booking for that day, you can select a different date or search for a new MC.

If the MC is available, the website will display their contact details instantly. Usually, this includes a phone number, email address and online contact form. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – our MCs are extremely popular and get booked up fast!

If you sent an email or filled out the online contact form, you can expect a reply within 24 hours.

After you’ve contacted a MC and received a reply, they will answer your questions, discuss your ideas and, if you decide to hire them, guide you through the booking process. You’ll speak with your MC and book with them directly – it’s between the two of you.

We think this is the way it should be – the MC Directory doesn’t interfere or take a cut, which means that you get faster responses and better value.

Your professional Master of Ceremonies will keep your event running smoothly and to time.

Every MC is a real people-person, and gets on with everyone. Your MC will coordinate everyone present, including guests, catering staff, wedding planners, photographers, videographers, DJs, entertainers and the band.

Your MC will seamlessly segue one segment into the next. At a wedding, this might be from the cake cutting to the first dance. At a corporate event, it could be from welcoming the guests to introducing the first speaker.

Live events don’t always go to plan. Your MC will keep everything stress-free by tactfully managing disruptions and hiccups. Often, attendees won’t even realise that something went wrong. Your MC is trained to stay on task and be entertaining and organised no matter what happens.

Because your friend or colleague is not an experienced or professional Master of Ceremonies, they are unlikely to perform this role well.

Our confident, professional MCs know how to entertain, how to handle disruptions, how to segue from one entertainment or speaking segment to the next and how to keep everything running smoothly and to time. They’ve develop this expertise after MCing hundreds of events.

Inexperienced speakers often panic and falter on stage, stumble over their words, are completely disorganised and resort to inappropriate jokes as a last-ditch attempt to salvage their role. It’s painful to watch.

Even if your friend or colleague is an experienced public speaker, we think it’s a terrible idea to ask them to ‘work’ at your event – MCing is a lot of work! Ask them to make a fantastic speech or toast instead.

We think it’s a much better idea to let your friend or colleague relax and enjoy the event right along with you.

Your Master of Ceremonies will arrive at the venue at least one hour before the guests arrive. They’ll meet the staff, check the sound equipment, revise the runsheet with the function manager and take care of any last minute tasks.